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Avellaneda Plant: constitutes an important milestone in the country's biofuels history, since the first Argentine biodiesel export to Europe was carried out in 2007 from the Vicentin plant. It currently produces about 500 tons per day and it is entirely developed with local technology.

  • Renova

  • Pioneers in biodiesel production

Renova is a corporation that holds as an objective the production and marketing of biodiesel, glycerin and refined oil. It was originally formed in equal parts, by Vicentin S.A.I.C. and Oleaginosa Moreno S.A. (from Glencore). Later on, Molinos Rios de la Plata was incorporated as a third partner.
The Renova production plant, which is the largest in South America, is located on the banks of the Paraná River in San Lorenzo city, Santa Fe province. In order to manufacture refined oil, as well as biodiesel, it possesses the latest technologies selected from the most prestigious providers worldwide. This allows us to comply with strict quality standards and, in this way, access the most demanding markets in the world.
Renova currently leads the national ranking of biodiesel production with 480 thousand TN per year. In this favorable context, with the objective to capture new markets and supply the growing demand, Renova continues expanding, finishing the installation of a new soy processing plant in the cities of Timbres and San Lorenzo (Santa Fe), with its own shipping terminal on the Parana river for the export of grains and byproducts.


  • Biodiesel, refined oil, crude glycerin.