Cotton Ginning, Spinning Mills, WeavingFactories

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In its desire to constantly improve its cotton, Algodonera Avellaneda has been certifying norms, standards and quality systems, health, occupational safety and environmental management for all their production processes.

  • Algodonera Avellaneda

  • Integration, trajectory and experience

Through the development of its activities, Algodonera Avellaneda S.A. vertically integrates the whole cotton process: storage, ginning, spinning and weaving and the manufacturing of garments, hydrophilic cotton, end products and by products. The industrial process of this oilseed starts in four gin plants strategically located in the provinces of Chaco, Formosa and Santiago del Estero. The company owns two spinning mills located in Argentina and Brazil, equipped with the highest technological levels applied in conventional and Open End spinning.
It has a modern plant which produces bleached clean cotton and other specific products. Fitted with the latest technology, it is ranked as one of the highest producers worldwide. The special interest that the company and its personnel hold regarding care of the environment can be seen in its plant, which is specially designed for the treatment of effluents. To serve the international and domestic markets, all productive processes are constantly monitored and quality is strictly controlled.
The last link in this productive chain is completed with another venture, the modern clothing factory, (PROACTIVA) located in Avellaneda and dedicated to producing high quality garments for well-known brands. The clothes produced in "RE.PRO.TEX." are made with fabrics manufactured in Algodonera Avellaneda. This project, promoted by SRM, helps to bring the unemployed into the labor market. Through industrial manufacturing, it provides them with the possibility of setting up their own workshops and generating their own source of income.
The "RE.PRO.TEX." garments are 100% made in the north of Santa Fe and from there distributed to different destinations in Argentina.


  • Cotton gin, cotton spinning, mixing and twisting; plain weave / satin weave / twill; bleached cleaned cotton factory; garment manufacturing


  • Yarn: Spinning of 100% cotton, combed, carded and open-ended; 100% viscose, polyester / cotton.
  • Knitted fabrics: jersey, rib, morley, interlock, pique, fleece, stretchy, plush
  • Hydrophilic cotton and specifics: Hydrophilic cotton packages make up remover disks, post birth pads, diapers, cotton balls and cotton pads, nursing breast pads.

Algodonera Avellaneda

Algodonera Avellaneda S.A. iscurrently the number one player in the national cotton ginning ingindustry and one of the principal exporters of cottonfiber.

The company's prestige is based in three cotton ginning plantsthat are distributed throughout the provinces of Chaco, Santiago del Estero and Formosa. Together these plants gin approximately 2,100 tons per day.

It currently owns three ginning plants: