Human And Labor Rights

The most valuable asset Vicentin has is the human group composing its structure.

We invest in the safety and development of our staff and we promote a work environment free from discrimination. We oppose exploitation practices and child labor in every stage of our value chain.

The search of economic growth through employment creation and income generation must be accompanied by the protection of workers basic rights, human rights respect and promotion, rational and sustainable use of resources, as well as the evolution of our workers, their families and community in general.

The company is committed to:
Complying with national, provincial and municipal legislation on employment, work and human rights; including international conventions adhered to.

Promoting fair treatment, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for workers.

Establishing, maintaining and improving relations between workers and the company.

Recognizing the freedom of association of workers and the right for collective bargaining within local legal framework.

Protecting workers, including categories of unprotected workers, sub-contracted workers and workers of the supply-chain of customers.

Promoting safe and healthy working conditions.

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