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Owing to its infrastructure, the size of the lot, and possibility of expansion, this facility is at present considered one of the most important in Argentina.

  • Intensive fattening system

  • New alternatives for live stock

"Los Corrales de Nicanor" is situated in the North East of Argentina, near the city of Reconquista (Santa Fe), in the midst of a magnificent natural environment of palm trees and native species of hardwood.
This feed lot (intensive fattening system), which in its first stage of production, houses 20.000 head of cattle and produces excellent quality beef. Due to the balanced feed used, this new initiative has many advantages regarding the preservation of the environment. Produced by Vicentin in its own factory, this supplement is unique in the world due to its high digestibility, which causes cattle to release less organic waste, thereby mitigating the environmental impact. The property has facilities designed to ensure the provision of the most comfortable conditions for the cattle. In order to identify the animals (in addition to the formal system (caravans) ), electronic chips are used that allow the monitoring of performance of each animal from entry until slaughter, thereby ensuring more accurate individual tracking of each one. The management and monitoring of livestock is undertaken by personnel specially trained in animal welfare.