The beginnings of the Vicentin S.A.I.C agroindustrial group

date back to the late 1920’s with a small stockpiling business located in the north of Santa Fe province in Argentina. Years later, the company begins its activity with the launch of its first cotton gin plant and oil factory from the milling of cotton seeds, flax and peanuts.

These early innovations are advanced until reaching an industrial dimension in 1966, when the process of extraction by means of solvents is incorporated to the milling of seed. This process leads to considerably higher levels of production, which enables the company to establish itself in the Argentinian agro-industrial sector.

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Thanks to the excellent opportunities that Argentina offers as a generator of raw materials, and putting special emphasis on the importance of giving extra value to the seeds, the company consolidates its expansion and growth. By the end of 1979, a second plant is launched for the milling of soybean and sunflower in Ricardone, to the south of Santa Fe province. A major milestone in Vicentin’s development consisted of the operation and export of the manufactured oil, flour and pellets from its own Shipping Terminal, located in San Lorenzo city on the banks of the Paraná River. In 1997, with a broad vision for the future, a third soybean milling plant begins to operate in the same port complex.

The development and constant growth lead to the search for other generating centers of raw material. Towards 2005, as part of a process of permanent expansion, Vicentin Paraguay S.A. begins its activities as commercial agent for soybean destined for industrial complexes, adding a fourth milling plant in San Lorenzo, equipped with modern technology and raising the milling capacity to 21,000 tons/day.

In mid-2007, the company becomes involved in the biofuel industry, becoming the first company in the country that exports biodiesel, from its plant in Avellaneda, Santa Fe. Renova emerges from a joint venture between Vicentin S.A.I.C and Oleaginosa Moreno S.A (belonging to Glencore). After a time, Molinos Río de la Plata is incorporated as a third member in the group. Together they hold as an objective the production and commercialization of biodiesel, glycerol and refined oils, so as to stand out as the largest plant in South America.