To provide quality products and services to people, efficiently satisfying the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and the community; growing competitively through excellence in the execution of each of our brands.


To maintain constant growth, adding value to raw materials through innovation in agro-industrial processes and the development of new business.

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We establish relationships of trust, by considering our collaborators, suppliers and customers as allies. In this way, we treasure loyal relationships based on mutual respect. Since its beginnings, Vicentin has intensified its activity in order to reach new challenges. Having an organizational flexibility characterized by a culture capable of adapting to a constantly changing market and always encouraging the best environment for sustained growth. Our organization is conducted with integrity, being coherent, transparent and honest in all our proposals.


  • Highly qualified collaborators, with a strong sense of belonging.
  • We provide coaching and training to our staff, promoting their individual development.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Conscious of the importance of care and preservation of resources that form part of society, we are committed to protect them, both for our sake and for that of future generations.
  • Strong business ethics.
  • For us, transparency and compliance with commitments made are the fundamental principles of all lasting business relationships.


Conscious of the role played by a company in society, we launch initiatives and contributions from our CSR department, annually supporting various entities, our staff and also reaching the field of education.


Permanently reinvest in technology, venturing into new areas, thus reaching the highest standards of quality. The constant improvement of our production methods allows us to maintain a global competitive edge and ensure that our products reach more demanding targets.