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From the beginning VICENTIN Group has developed a caring and committed relationship with the communities in which its companies are incorporated. Over the years the form and vision of the connection that "must" be established between society and company has evolved until reaching the concept which nowadays is consolidated globally as Corporate Social Responsibility.

VICENTIN Group in its Integrated Management Policy undertakes its social responsibility as a company recognizing its impact in the development of all activities, Safety, Health, Quality, Environment, Food Safety and Community. Declaring its commitment to achieve economic, technological and social progress, promoting the protection and right use of resources, as well as the evolution of its workers and their families, and community in general.

Vicentin Cultural Blog:

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General Objectives of SR Management
  • Strengthening SR Management in all interest groups of Vicentin Group and achieve its constant evolution.
  • Performing activities and having cooperation agreements with entities, organizations, companies and institutions so as to provide the company with a network of sustainable social and environmental practices.
  • Promoting voluntary social work and public welfare campaigns.
  • Generating, Promoting and Spreading programs for cultural and educational development.
  • Working on solidarity awareness, which tends towards the development of a culture of solidarity.
  • To strengthen ties and work between civil society and non-governmental organizations.