Sustainable Soybean

As part of its commitment, Vicentin Group decides to adopt the directive RED 2009/28/EC of Renewable Energies for soybean biofuels of the European Union, focusing on the use of renewable energy sources.

The main requirements are:

  • 1º Land use: biofuel cannot be produced with biomass from lands that before 1st January 2008 were natural forests, ecological reserves, land with high biological content, etc.;

  • 2º Traceability from raw material to final product;

  • 3º Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions: initial 35% reduction of greenhouse gases in comparison with fuels of mineral origin;

  • 4º Compliance with labor and social aspects: consideration of good practices to comply with applicable conventions and/or protocols.

See Sustainability Certificates: Carbio Certificate / ISCC Certificate