Achieving the right balance, preserving future generations

Vicentin S.A.I.C. focuses its growth and development in a sustainable manner, merging economic aspects of the business with socio-environmental considerations; taking into account the effect of its activity on society and the environment, so as to preserve the environment and safeguard biodiversity.

Our company has experienced growth over the past few years through the expansion of its main businesses, the introduction of new business units, diversifying them into different activities.

Integrating businesses, it has been placed in a strategic position in food, shelter and comfort supply, relating more closely with society, and thus enabling to rediscover its function and its commitment to present and future generations.

The role it has implies a big responsibility with society and the environment, to which it promotes its commitment to reasonable and responsible use of resources, minimizing the effects of its intervention in environment through its activities, so as to reduce its trace.