Eco Eficiency Projects

San Lorenzo

  • Use of biomass as alternative fuel, using sunflower seed hull as fuel.

  • Energy cogeneration through power generation with steam turbines using their backpressure as steam for the process.

  • Reduction in the consumption of process water and steam with the introduction of reverse osmosis, allowing to reduce boilers cycles of concentration, resulting in net savings of 5tn/h of steam. Osmosis reject is used as makeup water for cooling towers.

  • Recovering boiler heat for product drying through a pipeline connected to the dryer.

  • Burning agricultural waste and discard products for steam generation.

  • Connection with neighbor industries for energetic synergy for steam utilization, such process using a remaining steam current.


  • Energetic efficiency.

  • Improving biomass burning efficiency, gasifier and torsional chamber, improving boiler reaction and reducing ash emissions.

  • Drying of biomass, by recovering energy from flue gases resulting in the energy saving necessary for boiler vaporization.

  • Integrating the steam current of the glycerin concentrator in biodiesel plant with the rectification column, reducing the steam needed for this operation.

  • Use of biomass as fuel.

  • Installation in briquettes gins, for recovering waste as biomass for fuel.

  • Introducing sawmill waste as biomass to generate steam.

  • Recovering and using waste water from the reverse osmosis process as cooling water, and recovering pump seals water in bioethanol plant reducing the water net consumption in 210m3/day.

  • Saving water consumption, by collecting water coming from evaporative condensers, thus being able to reuse it as cooling towers makeup.

  • Use of biomass as fuel.

  • Introducing spinning and hydrophilic waste as alternative fuel.